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About Us


Snore.com, a division of Infotrust Sleep Services, is a Canadian tele-sleep business focused on the investigation and access to treatment for sleep-related breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. Our mission is to identify the most advanced methodology and cutting-edge technology based on reliable scientific evidence that individuals can employ to play an active part in maintaining their sleep-related optimal health. A fundamental part of this process is provision of an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) report for the patient’s benefit prepared by a qualified CPSO sleep medicine physician.

Independent Medical Evaluation

An IME gives an unbiased, expert medical opinion based on the physician’s interpretation of the results of the home sleep study correlated with the individual’s comprehensive health and sleep questionnaire that is completed easily and securely online via mobile devices such as a smart phone, iPad, tablet or computers such as notebooks. The report is made available only to the patient with access via a secure email portal. In all cases, we advise the individual to discuss their report and any suggestions, such as treatment or referral to a sleep physician, with their family physician. We also offer assistance in arranging a referral to a sleep physician for a telemedicine appointment or office visit in the patient’s locale if so requested by the patient’s family doctor.

Infotrust has established a roster of independent sleep physicians to perform the independent medical evaluations to be provided to individuals that have requested such evaluations through Snore.com. Each rostered physician has agreed to provide independent medical evaluation services pursuant to an agreement with Infotrust in their capacity as a sleep physician qualified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) in accordance with the CPSO Sleep Medicine Practice Parameters & Facility Standards publication or their equivalent in the relevant jurisdiction. These rostered physicians are not employees or agents of Infotrust and pursuant to their respective agreements with Infotrust are independently responsible for the performance of all physician services provided in connection with the interpretation of home sleep studies and/or sleep questionnaires and/or the production of any independent medical evaluations

Our non-MD staff consists of nurses, registered polysomnographic technologists and clinic managers who have many years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all sleep disorders, especially sleep-disordered breathing.

For assistance, please contact info@homepsg.com.